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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School


At John Ray Infants mathematics is practical, fun and achievable by all! All children are given the opportunity to show mastery at their level in mathematics. This means that they can explain what they have done and how they came to their answer.

The children work first with apparatus such as diennes, numicon and counters to gain a practical (concrete) understanding of the area in mathematics that they are learning. Once they have this understanding they move on to using pictures to help further their learning and are finally encouraged to work abstractly using drawings in their books to help them with the answers.

There is lots of cross curricular mathematics in ICT, science and PE and links are made to real life situations to help children see the importance of this subject area and why we are learning it.

The school follows the National Curriculum guidelines and a scheme of work called White Rose Maths. We also use Maths of the Day to link maths to PE. As well as mathematics lessons we do Maths Meetings to regularly revisit all areas of the curriculum.