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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School


Welcome to Ladybird Class 2022/23

Ladybirds have had a brilliant term; they are hardworking and have been eager to learn. We are very proud of them all! 

Ladybirds have covered all of phase 2 phonics and have been learning to read and spell the fairy and tricky troll words. They are so confident when blending and segmenting words, they have been able to write CVC words independently. During our phonics sessions they have been playing lots of games such as bingo and have been sorting real and beegu (fake) words. They have made fantastic progress with their letter formation. 



During our Maths lessons, they have been learning numbers to 5, knowing one more and one less than a number. They have represented numbers in a variety of ways and have used 5 frames to show numbers in different combinations. They have enjoyed counting forwards and backwards to 10 and playing subitising games. 


  Ladybirds have learnt about 2d shapes, being able to name them and describe their properties. 


It's beginning to look like Christmas in Ladybirds! They have been busy little elves! There have been lots of arts and crafts taking place! 

Our nativity play was brilliant, the children performed so well singing and dancing! A super well done! 

We have had fun learning the story of Christmas. 


A little friend has joined our classroom- he has been up to all sorts of things such as eating our breadsticks, calling Santa and having a snooze in the classroom!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and look forward to more fun and exciting learning next term!