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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

Kingfishers - Spring term

We have had a fantastic spring term in Kingfisher class! The children started the term enthusiastically and keen to find out more about the continent of Africa. Everyone enjoyed learning about life in Africa, African animals and some of the continent's famous landmarks.  They used their super writing skills to write explanations that described why Africa would be a great place to visit. The children even produced some beautiful African art. Our English work also gave us the opportunity to enjoy the lovely story of 'The Lion Inside'. We ended the half term with a movie afternoon watching 'The Lion King' together - and even munched on tasty popcorn!

Everyone was very excited about our next topic ... chocolate!  'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was a great text to work from in English and we even found out where chocolate comes from and how it is made. The children really used their imaginations to design a new room for the factory and to write a new adventure story set in their room. In Science. We investigated how materials can be changed and set ourselves the challenge of trying to beat the world record for stretching a Curly Wurly.  We even got to eat it at the end! Our next investigation required everyone to make chocolate change from a solid to a liquid.

We also enjoyed some wonderful celebrations this term.  Book Week was fun and we even got a visit from a real author. Red Nose Day was lots of fun too and we remembered people less fortunate than us as we dressed up and enjoyed the day together.