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John Ray Infant School

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Ladybirds - Start of Spring Term

On Monday we launched our new topic: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

We had fun making porridge and exploring the changes whilst cooking. 

Once our yummy porridge was cooked we picked a topping. It was a hard decision choosing between chocolate chips, syrup, sugar and raisins! 

We collected lots of adjectives to describe the porridge such as hot, sweet, delicious and sticky. We then wrote some amazing sentences! 
In the sand tray we had porridge oats to mix, stir and spoon into different sized bowls. 
At the malleable table we used play dough mats to make legs for chairs and ears for bears. We even created our own bears! 
On the creative table we improved our cutting skills and made a scene from the story. 
At the small world station we retold the story using props. 
On the writing table we wrote keywords from the story such as chair, bed and bear. 
Our home corner has been transformed into the Three Bears Cottage. 
We learnt a song called: When Goldilocks came to the house of the bears. We had fun adding actions. 

What a busy and fun time!




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